From the Congressional Record, February 9, 1917, we can read the following comments by Oscar Calloway, “In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interests, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States.

These 12 men worked the problem out by selecting 170 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process, to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling the general policy of the daily press throughout the country.”

The media has been bought, lock, stock, and barrel, by those who seek to destroy this country.



Bethlehem Steel works, "Watercolor in sep...

Bethlehem Steel works, “Watercolor in sepia brown, white and gray, on buff paper. Signed May ’81.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of my Sites are Dedicated to George, my Late-Husband

George went down in Global NWO History when he died as the Sickest most Injured Human-Being to ever Suffer the catastrophic injuries remaining alive for 5 days on every machine known to medical mankind, yet was still aware, knew I was by his side, still breathing…  I donated his medical records to the US military to save lives in Iraqi. This is how they repay a widow after robbing me of millions. What they did to him and I is heinous, treasonous defying humanity. This is our story. Lissakr11 Humane Life 

I tried to warn people. Now, they’re going thru what I did from the same global financial terrorists. This is who the military scientific political complex works –against the people. They own the courthouses, lawyers and those who protect them–the NWO militarized cops, and they do so gladly. They stole my fully-vested Pension my husband worked tirelessly for, double to triple shifts sometimes weeks at a time, then they robbed me of millions, than once again justice placing me on a slow in-community state-sponsored Bush Obama Satellite DARPA Lockheed Martin Aberdeen Proving Ground hit list with the FBI CIA DOD NSA months before the court date that I was robbed of also. Just ask a witness and his lawyer in Maryland–they were lied to as well. I’m now on a US Gov torture list with beam weapons. Bethlehem Steel/Sparrows Point hired one of the top ten DC/MD law firms in the country to take me down. They knew no jury would turn me down.

Its all coming to a head now for the rest of the world

Note: My husband George and I grew-up across the alley from one another. We were what I described as best-friends long before we spoke of marriage, a term I didn’t like… I was five years of age when he first held my hand, defending me against the neighborhood bullies. Everyone that (thought they) knew us, knew never to harm me… they also knew he taught me to defend myself… if he were alive today, these gang stalkers wouldn’t be, I can promise you that. I do all I do out here in honor of George and his legacy that’s been plundered–they might as well spit on his grave where I buried him.

I donated George’s medical records to the US military to ‘save lives in Iraqi’ – how they repayed me? Attacking me with satellite and drones and cellphones/tower weapons– neuro/smart dust (nano dust) and implants (nanobots) in America, robbed me of all my homes chasing me out, air stalking, gang stalkers (assassination teams), destroyed my finances, health, family — my entire life. Bought and paid for my lawyer who greedily with the other side committed so much fraud upon me… I was suppose to win the highly-litigated lawsuit by 99-100%. Two weeks court promised to me for years, gone – robbed me of justice then robbed me again after chasing me out of my home and state, I learned the case wasn’t over.

Lissa – victim of Electronic Torture, Satellite Torture, Weapons Testings, Nanotechnologies, Covert implants (Nano ?), Direct Energy Weapons, Microwaves, Corrupt Lawyers, Corrupt Beth Steel Corp; Corrupt Wall Street, Corrupt Politicians, Corrupt FBI (MD NC) SBI NC, DOD CIA (MD/NC/FL) Fusion Centers, Neighborhood Watch, Mind Controlled Agenda 21 Chemtrails HAARP Gwen Towers Microwave Towers Slow Death in America – Lissa

Again, all I’ve written of, trying to warn others of what’s been done to me are now coming to sad light with the entire country.

This is going on now all around you–before your very eyes while they laugh at all of you.

I’m here as a guardian angel – sadly watching America destroy itself because of these Rico Criminals



Betrayal Intel Ops Informants Persecuting God’s people


I go by ‘Lissa’ online, the author and webmistress of Lissa HumaneLife. This is the beginning of a book I was going to write but was put on a long-hold after I became a victim of Lethal COINTELPRO, later COINTELPRO-MK ULTRA. I landed on this list because I was involved in a highly litigated lawsuit regarding my late-husband George’s horrible torturous murderous death at Bethlehem Steel / Sparrows Point in my hometown of Dundalk, in Baltimore County, Maryland where we were born. He was blown in-half, yet laid on the grounds above still speaking… however raspy, his fellow employees whom left him to lay in over 550 gallons of diesel oil, knew he was speaking–so much so he left Shock Trauma Medivac employees in shock as they rolled him into Shock Trauma at the Maryland Shock Trauma top-level at Maryland’s Shock Trauma University of MD. A lot of sad twists are involved in this story. For George and I, obviously we never stood a chance up against the system–the same one seemingly everyone is now a victim of. The above is financed by JPMORGAN & WALL STREET. There is a story behind this as well.

I hope you follow this site… I will update as often as possible. Due to the extreme circumstances I have decided to begin writing my story in greater detail.

From the following excerpt found at By 2000, Bethlehem Steel Corporation reported an annual loss of $118.4 million. Its stock value depreciated, and it was dropped from the standard Fortune 500 index. Robert S. Miller, a noted savior of troubled companies, took charge in 2001 but to no avail. Bethlehem Steel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 11, 2001.

My story is deeper than what is contained within these writings, however, my intention is to continue writing as I go along in-between exposing the New World Order of things sharing with everyone how my life pertains to all of the bad in the world today and what is to come. This is good therapy for me, and its with sincere hopes all of this helps other victims of the system(s).

Continue Reading here… a current now-ongoing true story as to how I became a Targeted Individual…a  victim of a fast (slow/soft kill) in-community no touch torture weapons & nanotechnology victim… Lissa


Sister Site of Greed Vs. Creed: Smith’s Fields of Shame & Lissa’s Humane Life

ALL WRITINGS ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. If you are interested in writing a book on my life’s story or other media, your interest would be highly entertained and welcomed.

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See some evidence received. These are Domestic Terrorism, Lethal Harassment, Murder for Hire, and Cyber crimes. Video


Email received from marine time commercial investigators: http://lissakr11humanelife.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/evidence-cointelpro-lethal-tue-august-7-2012-cyber-crime-psyop-sent-to-this-ti-victim-exposing-truther/

My sister site for activism now at Lissakr11 Humane Life 

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